93 XR250L drive chain links.

Does anyone know how many links are on the stock 93 xr250l drive chain?...I'm trying to put a bigger rear sprocket on but the stock chain is too short. Any info would be greatly appreciated.. thanks.

It's either 106 or 108 but I wouldn't swear to it.  I just order a longer chain and cut it.  The sprocket is not the same as the 250R.  Let me know if you find a source for a 45T steel sprocket.  


You will need to lower the rear guide and move it forward.  I did this for a 44T and there is a photo here somewhere.


And don't be tempted to put a 12T on the front for very long.  It will wear through the slider.  

Wrong dimensions.  XR250L is 140mm and 120mm with six holes.  Also, be suspicious of any ebay seller who has less than a 99.7 rating.


Sprocket Specialists will make you a custom size sprocket for $60.  Unfortunately they only use easy-to-machine aluminum which wears out just as easy.


Super Sprox makes a steel toothed aluminum bodied sprocket for $80.

The guy that sold me the bike gave me a 44 tooth from sprocket specialists but it feels like aluminum. I bought a cut to fit chain and I'm going to see how it works, I'm not sure if the front sprocket is stock or not, it should still work if the front is stock right?

Its best to replace both sprockets and the chain as a set.

Very true. Anyone know the best front sprocket to use with a 44 tooth rear is?

I'm running 13/44.  The 14 requires grinding the case saver.  13/40 is better for the street.   13/44 gives a decent first gear for trails.  

Yeah I need more low end. I did the the plug resistor mod, opened up the airbox, installed a k&n high flow filter, installed a performance slip on pipe, and jetted the carb to 42 pilot 132.5 main. It helped out a lot, but feels like it could be better on the trails so I'm going to try the sprockets and see what that does..

The 44t rear sprocket made it surprisingly more powerful, it's great on the trails now..my top speed on a flat road was about 75 mph before. I'm wondering how much that will go down..for me anything above 65 mph on a dirtbike on the streets in my area is kinda pushing it in anyways. Thanks for the help. I think it's about where I want it to be now.

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