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Source for replacement yz tank rubber/pad?

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Since I installed a large tank on my 2006 YZ250, I've noticed that the tank has worn through the thin OEM rubber/foam pads at the back. The OEM pads are only 1/16" or a few mm thick from the factory. I used some old inner tube, and cable-tied it place, but its not very secure or as clean as the OEM stuff. There is also a chance that with impact and vibration that the tank could push the rubber out of the way and sit on the frame.

What solutions have you found? 

Where/what to buy online as a replacement?

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I've used the Clarke tank foam on my 3.9g Clarke tank but the foam still wears out pretty quick. I used the 3.9g for ~10hrs and the thin pieces of foam had worn all the way through, the thicker pieces were ok. I'm back to using my 3.1g IMS with new pieces of foam and OEM rubber pads, we'll see how the foam holds up.


The tank foam is nice because you can cut it into all sorts of shapes, you attach it with adhesive spray.


The innertube is probably way more durable than the Clarke tank foam. You might want to try some spray adhesive on the innertube to get it to stay in place? 

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