Aftermarket levers - what do you use OR what's the best option for 150f?

So I've really been considering replacing the stock levers with some shortys - maybe ASV or Works Connection with an adjustable clutch lever.  An easier clutch pull would be nice, but I'm really going for less distance between grip and lever for my smaller hands.


Just wondering if anyone's using the F3 pro pack or the C6?  How do you like them?  Works Connection?  Should I even bother with a whole new setup and just go with replacing the levers only?


As always, I'm open to suggestions for things I've missed :)


I tried finding specific reviews for aftermarket levers on the 150f but was unsuccessful.  


FYI - female rider, '09 150f, offroad/trail riding only.  THANKS IN ADVANCE!

I am dealing with the same issue right now. Although i am not looking to spend the money for the ASV levers. I dont think i am even going to change the perches. I have a shorty clutch lever and love it but its plastic and its time to change it to aluminium. There are some shorty lever sets on ebay for around $30 if you dont want to change the perches.

Thats probably the route i will go. I have trouble putting a ton of money into a $1000 bike.

Motion Pro Raptor is a 3 ratio leaver for clutch that is easy to adjust or change ratio. Available shorty or long


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