How many hours on 450 SX-F -13? Problems?

How many hours do you have on your 13 450 sx-f? And any problems??

35 hrs... crank went Ka-Put a few weeks ago due to the right side crank case seal 'improperly' installed at the factory.. really, really love the bike, but, I've had my share of bad luck with KTMs. I had an 08' - had 10hrs on it and it pretty much exploded.

We shall see if their customer service has improved over the last few yrs, as I'm waiting for a little help.

Lost fork shroud bolts in first 2hrs, rear axle kept coming loose every 1 and a half moto's (until I emptied half a container of loctite onto it). Also just broke my leg when it fell into neutral upon landing ontop of a table top and a mate ran into the back of me breaking his femur also( still undecided as to weather that was the bike or not).

But apart from that I was just starting to love it ( especially once I got the suspension revalved!). Also, get rid of those rubbish mx51's cos they make you feel like you don't know how to ride..........

Think I'm at about 28 hours. My bikes still at my mates place after the "incident" so I can't confirm.

30.3 hours. Not one single problem, I have done all required maintenance at least 2 hours before it was due

I think I'm at about 30 hours.    I bought the bike at 22 hours.  


Had a leaking fork seal (I blame that on improper air bleeding of the fork, it had an INCREDIBLE amount of air in the left fork leg when I checked it)

THe inner clutch hub rubbers were bad, and changed at 28 hours when I put in a Rekluse.  


Bike has been great!

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Had to change the Injector (€150) at around 65h, and also changed the fuel filters in tank and in gasline as proactive measures.


Zero problems other then that. Of course you have to check the bolts from time to time, specially the top one on the shock/frame mount.

what was the injector fault symptoms? Just to know what to wait for...oh yeah my subframe bolts was also loose ontop.

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what was the injector fault symptoms? Just to know what to wait for...oh yeah my subframe bolts was also loose ontop.


Bike did not run clean, chocked when opening the throttle. Ok on a stand but no power when rolling.


I tried cleaning the injector first in a UV machine i bought. Worked for one training. Then left it to a professional company cleaning it. Worked another 2x20min then gave up again. Cleaned the tank and all parts, changed all filters also.


I now suspected it was not the injector gas injection/flow being the issue, but some kind of electrical issue with the injector so bought a new, and problems was gone. The whole time i had what looked like a nice flow from the injector for the bare eye but since the injector open/closes 3000 times per minute the eye cant tell if it only opens 2500...


Still have the bad injector and as soon as i put it in, bike runs poor so my guess is some electric problem inside the injector.

Ok. Have you changed piston/ring yet? Are the valves moved?

Ok. Have you changed piston/ring yet? Are the valves moved?


Have not done any on the engine yet. They lift the top and replaced the valves after some 20h due to in-proper wear of DLC coating on the valves, was done on warranty. At that time they inspected also the top but all looked ok.


Planing on doing full replacement according to 100h service interval this winter. Posted a separate thread here with complete part number list and costs. Think it landed on €1500 + work.

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