85 rfvc 200r timing guide

I pretty much know the answer but Im gonna ask anyways. I bought this bike for my son and I to go thru and him to get familiar and start riding. Hes 15. It ran OK before we got into it ,so it didnt really seem to need alot. I pretty much re ringed it and Josh did a buncha paint. Well from what Ive found this was a two year production mdel and can be kinda a bear finding parts. . Sunday getting to the point, the guy gets in a hurry, grabs the manual and impressivly puts it togrther in a few hours while im at work, I was still lookin for a cam chain guide, and he just left it out. Is that really gonna kill me? I mean if he gets 40/50 hours before it fails then lesson learned. I just dont want something to go wrong after a few hours. Im goin outta town and I know hes just gonna ride the thing as soon as I turn thecorner and am outta site! Thanks

The 84-85 200R RFVC engine is based on the 84-85 XR250R RFVC engine so IMO the best tech info would be on the 250 Forum. 

This forum is all about the 80-200 two valve engines so any advice would be general in nature.


Do not run the engine without the chain guide installed. On the two valve engines the rear chain slider can be changed without pulling the head, I don't know about the RFVC engine, check the manual.


Sounds like your son will get some more practice twisting wrenches. :thumbsup:

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