problems with my 05 125 forks

hey guys about 6 months ago I had different Springs and valving and put into my bike. Ever since then my forks of been ridiculously stiff and it's become very hard to ride. Since then I've put different Springs, bushings and even taken base shims off the valving stack and it still is too stiff. You guys have anything that can help me out?

just as a maybe: too much oil or to heavy oil?

I used silkolene 2.5 200cc on the inner and 225 outer. Maybe the inner is too much?

Not too sure but my yz250 needs 199max internal and 330 outer tube. I use ATF which gets quite smooth once warmed up.

Not too sure but my yz250 needs 199max internal and 330 outer tube. I use ATF which gets quite smooth once warmed up.


Not 05 forks on your bike, I would guess. My 05 250 calls for 245 mL on the outer, with a range of 200-300.


Inner you can't really overfill if you bleed it properly before assembly.



What valving was changed? Was the stiffness immediate, or did the problem become worse with time? A stiff midvalve setup can be very harsh, and changes to the basevalve won't seem to do much on sharp hits if the mid is very active.

you guessed right, '09 forks plus bike :)

indeed have a 2005. I honestly don't know anything about the shimming... first off when everything is all torn apart the inner and outer slide perfectly along with the shaft in the inner cartridge slide just fine. I've also taken out the valving stack and one fork still feels fairly stiff, I haven't tried with the other one. My forks should be really soft, stock spring rate is .42 and I have 38 springs installed. I can't really compare my bike to any bike that I've ridden but you can go up to any bike on the showroom floor, including the 450 motocross bikes and they still feel softer sitting on and Jumping on. I've been beating my head on the wall for about 8 months over this. When I got the bike in January it had blown fork seals and it was all stock, I only rode it twice before I had the suspension modified and I remember being able to ride all day without being tired, now I ride for one hour hard and I have a wrist pump so bad that I can hang on. the only other variable that has changed is that I bought a complete warp 9 wheel set but I can't see how it's affecting the situation.

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I forgot to mention it was race tech gold valves with their shimming

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