Should I fiddle with jetting?

I got my bars/forks fixed. Thanks all. Anyways based on my bike information below, should I fiddle with the jetting at all? Seems to run good, a little white smoke, but that could be new exhaust.

I would think about the JD jet kit. It made a huge difference with my bike. I would also get a set of the Works Connection radiator braces. After one good crash or small tip over you well wish you had them. :)

How much weight did the new exhaust save over stock?

I have to agree with AKRider. Get the JD kit. It's well worth the money. It'll help with not only altitude changes but temp changes also. You might also want to look at a replacement fuel screw. Zip-Ty racing has those. :)

Ditto! JD kit and instructions are very close to perfect! Lazy people that dont like rejetting will love his recommendations. Others will fine tune it from his base settings. Best Money spent. JD has developed this kit with years of testing and research. Buy it off our TT forum store. :)

Yes, San Jose. You should fiddle with your jetting, pick your banjo bolts, beat out the axle drums and and vent your turi until that WR450 barks like the dog it is. Then, grab a handful of throttle, from way down low, up a sand wash and don't let up till the limiter kicks in just before you Jump Highway 101 like it's a motocross double. Then that WR is finely tuned. :)

Ditto! JD kit and instructions are very close to perfect!

Before you get the JD kit you should first order several E taper needles, Pilot jets from 35-45 and Main jets from 155-175, and get the adjustable pilot air screw from Sudco. After about 75 different combos, through in the towel and get the JD kit. Thats how I did it, and thats how everyone should do it. You won't appreciate the sunshine until you live in the dark. :)

I say leave the bike alone. A lot of you guys just tear the bike down because it's the thing to do even when the bike runs great. JD makes a great kit, my father has it in his bike and loves it. I have stock jetting and my bike runs perfect. If you want to make improvements to your bike I would get your suspension dialed in..

Dan :)

Please note Dan is a very fast desert racer and spends all his riding on full throttle. :):D :D

Ditto on what Dan wrote :) Don't F&^% with it Greg, your bikes runs perfect :D

I have never messed with my jets and my bike runs like a wet dream, just ask the guys trying to keep up :D

Get the JD kit. Mine ran fine until I got the JD kit and now it flat out rips. The kit has jets for everywhere with an easy guide. Also I bought the Rekluse fuel screw. Probably the same as the Sudco.

Went out today for the first time since the mods. Slight popping on decel but otherwise it felt strong. I had also dropped my forks 10mm (I'm 175) it was a little low, so I raised up to -5mm and turned rebound up 2 clicks. Felt really good. BTW at 175 sag is 3.75 inches stock.

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