i soaked clutch in different oil

ok i went to go replace my clutch in my bike, i soaked them for about a half hour or so to give a real good coating in amsoil, i use lucas oil in my bike and i just read that your suppost to soak them in the same oil/weight that you use in your bike cause they can burn out faster. should i take the plates back out and soak them for a few hours in lucas oil?

Do not sweat it. Install the clutch and go.

Sheesh, oil paranoia again?  Just go ride it dude.  I just filled my duramax with 8 quarts of diesel oil and two quarts of 5/30, better stand back she's gonna blow :thumbsup:

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What happens when you change from rotella to atf then? Just go ride. Oil is oil, let alone in the tranny.

thanks guys. its ehows fault that got me worried XP

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