Tig welding a broken carb?

I cracked the top plate on the carby on my old 99wr400. I had it tig welded.

You need to find a good welder because it is cast alloy and can be tricky to weld.

When I tried buying a top plate from Yamaha they said I had to buy the whole carby also.Later I found out Suzuki have the part that I needed whitch is off a Drz400 because they run the same carby and they sell the carby parts seperatly.

In your case I would try to weld and then retap the thread.

I've never used it, but I've heard good things about JB WELD for things like that. Might make the carb un-weldable if it didn't work though.

Jamie thanks for the info. I'll try Suzuki and see if they have the part I need. I would rather replace it than repair it.

Try Sudco they specialize in carb parts! What carb is $800.00? Good Luck Cya :)

I'm looking at a bike, 2000 426, that has one of the top mounting tabs on the carb broke. It looks like it was over tightened and caused it to crack. Now where the screw goes is gone. I was told that someone could tig weld it and keep building it up enough so that a new hole can be drilled and tapped for the screw. Does anyone have someone they can recommend. Or another fix? Or where I can find just the part I need? Yamaha doesn't sell the carb part seperately and a new carb is $800 which is out of the question. Also I will need to get this fixed as the carb is sucking air and will not idle. Thanks in advance.

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