when to seat bounce ?

When are the best times to seat bounce? & In what situations & what kind of jumps?

thanks guys!

When are the best times to seat bounce? & In what situations & what kind of jumps?

thanks guys!


When you can't make it over a jump without seat bouncing...Something for advanced riders and bikes with properly set up suspension.

When are the best times to seat bounce? & In what situations & what kind of jumps?

thanks guys!

Typically a seat bounce jump seems to be a slower speed jump (out of a corner or between other sets of slower jumps) with a smooth takeoff face.   You do not want to seat bounce a face that has a kicker to it.



I usually save seat bouncing for jumps that are out of corners, with good faces, that I will cut WAYYYY inside of the normal line, and still be able to clear it.  Biggest jump I have seat-bounced was an 80'ish step up.    It had a HUGE bowl turn on the outside, but the outside was a good 30'+ futher down the track, and was the main line.    I would cut very hard inside, on the flat, and be able to pass just about anyone that was even remotely in that turn still.     I'd have about 3-4 bike lengths of run up before the face (nice long face), and just stay on the throttle hard and lean back on the bike.    I could clear the jump no problem with the seat bouncing.   


Not all seat bounce jumps though have long faces.   Sometimes it more of a shorter "compress" on the face and thats it, as opposed to leaning back and letting her go.


Timing is everything with a seat bounce, and yes your suspension NEEDS to be set pretty close.   If your shock rebound is too fast, you will endo hard.


Here I screwed up the corner, and lost a lot of speed exiting.    In order to clear this thing nicely, I had to seat bounce.  You can see the weight to the rear, shock compressed.   Not a huge jump, but without he seat bounce, I would not have cleared it.    You can see the jump face is not a super steep one, not super short or really long.


I personally don't like seat bouncing because if you do it wrong it will kick you. I mainly just do it when there is a jump right out of a corner and you don't have time to adjust.

When are the best times to seat bounce? & In what situations & what kind of jumps?

thanks guys!

Clearing a jump right out of a corner can be difficult for beginners. The Seat Bouncing Techniques are usually the best techniques to use in these situations. You can find the seat bouncing techniques in the Free Riding Tips page of my website http://www.gsmxs.com/category/free-mx-riding-tips and also in my Volume 3 DVD #7 (Seat Bouncing and Launching Techniques) http://www.gsmxs.com/dvds/volume-3/vo3-dvd-7-motocross-absorb-scrub-whip-jumping-techniques


In order to get the most out of the seat bouncing techniques you need to be really good at using the clutch and throttle to deliver a lot of power to the rear wheel at the precise time. To do this correctly you need to use one or two fingers on the clutch. I prefer one finger because this way you can hold onto the grip better with the other three fingers. This way you can get on the power hard with the clutch and throttle. You do not slip the clutch like you do when you do a start, but instead you use the clutch more like a trigger, hitting the trigger (clutch) at the precise time you need to increase the power to the rear wheel. In this situation it would be when the rear wheel compresses into the jump. This increased power will multiply the seat bouncing technique giving you more height and distance.


Most beginner riders do not use the clutch in this way but instead depend on just the throttle alone. Even on a four stroke you need to learn to use that clutch and throttle together in order to control the power to the rear wheel more precisely.


For all the details of these techniques and more. Go to the Volume 3 DVDs numbers 3 (Clutch, Throttle and Shifting Techniques, http://www.gsmxs.com/dvds/volume-3/dvd-3-clutch-throttle-clutch-control

#7 Seat Bouncing and Launching Techniques. http://www.gsmxs.com/dvds/volume-3/vo3-dvd-7-motocross-absorb-scrub-whip-jumping-techniques


I hope this helps you clear those jumps right out of the corner.



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