engine and gearbox siezed

i very recently bought a 02 crf 450 , the bike was brilliant , i was doing a wheelie and the back wheel locked up , the engine cut out , i heard a bang , the engine would not kick over  , the bike would select gears fine but wouldnt turn over , what is wrong ? please help me thanks :)

sounds like crankshaft

it broke. just a guess. LOL.


start taking it apart and see what's what.

how would u know if it was the crank ?

how would u know if it was the crank ?


by pulling the top end and peeking down in there. get to work!


Inspect oil filter for shavings

Unfortunately, unless someone shot your bike while you were doing the wheelie, you know what happened................ That "bang" noise, that was the sound of your wife hitting her head when she passed out cause she just heard what its gonna cost you to fix the bike!  Sorry.........



I have always used Hot Rods and never had problems. Opinions will differ. What bike are you planning on putting that crank that you have a link for in? If its for an 05-09 CRF450X, its a good deal!!

its going into a 02 crf 450 would it be well suited for it ? thanks for the reply :) 

I just finished up rebuilding an RM125 with a Hotrods complete lower end kit.

In addition to the crank, main bearings, wrist pin bearing, The gasket kit included every gasket and every seal including the water pump. It was my first time using the full kit and in my opinion well worth it. 

Its high quality hardware as well.

It's a good "kit" but your particular link is for a totally different bike.....

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