Borrow a Valve Spring Compressor - San Fernando Valley Area


Hello All....


I figured I'd see if anyone around SF Valley, Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley had a valve spring compressor they'd let me borrow for a few days. I'd love to not spend $40 on one for what I hope is a one time job. ANy offers would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks, Steve

is this for a dirt bike? you can do those by hand

i just cut the spacer out of a piece of PVC and used a big clamp...

Hey Mark . . . long time no see.  Might want to check with your local autoparts house . . . many will let you borrow tools like that with a small deposit. 

good idea joe thanks, auto zone has them


i hadnt thought of it because i thought they stopped doing it, thanks

I have a generic spring compressor you could borrow, I even have a deep socket that I notched as a spacer like desert walker mentioned, your more than welcome to it.

Too just take apart or both???

u can use a socket or pvc pipe w/a hammer to knock out the keepers!

but if u are replacing valves, make sure u take it to a GOOD machinist to get the seats re-cut! or ur new valves will not last that long!!!!

if u need a good machinist, PM me!

he does excellent work at fair prices

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