KX 250 2006, rear brake problem I´m desperate please help me

Hello guys! 

I have been searching google for quiet some time and asked around but I cant find any help. But since I have found help here many times before I decided to make an account here and ask here before I give up.
to the problem:

My rear brake (caliper/bracket/holder whatever you wanna call the whole thing at the disk with the pads and everything) is worn out/broken. I have been looking around for a replacement but I havent found anything!
So I wonder wich rear brakes will fit?
Will the rear brake from a kx 125 fit? if so what years? On some items on ebay they have the whole thing but then it says 125/250 2003-2005. From the pictures I can´t tell a diffrence but maybe there is?
Its the same pads, the same disk. the same swingarm??
Will a rear brake from a kxf 250 fit? If so wich models??

Please help this has been a problem for a while and I have looked the other way but enough is enough this problem needs to be solved!


best of regards! Hankan

I gotta think you could get it all on eBay.

If not I'm sure you could get it new from kawasaki.

It's not that old if a bike

I'd go to your local kawi dealership and ask if they can order it for you. They most likely can, and it's always good to give to local shops business, so they can stay open. If they can't get their hands on it, try Kawasaki parts house (babbits). They've always had the random parts I need, and cheap, with good service.

Thanks for the help! Thanks to you guys the problem have now been sorted out! Thank you!

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