Bike For My Dad?



My dad is looking for a new bike and cannot decide on what to get. He is 5"8 and 165 pounds. He is looking to upgrade from his 2005 crf150f play bike.  He rides mostly trails  but we do jumps and play around in the scramble areas to. If there are no good choices he might consider putting some of mods on his 150.


Thanks ....

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ktm 200 2 stroke or ktm 150 2 stroke both make great power and are great on the trails

okk thanks but how are the 125s? any good for the trails?

read the post i just made about yz125 vs yz250 the yz125 can be made great on the trails change sprocket gears port the head flywheel etc.. and it will have at 25 more hp then your crf250f id get a rm125 or yz125 thats the two im looking at

KDX 200

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