Noob with some questions.

I recently bought what I believe to be a wr450, but it maybe a 250. I tried decoding the vin but motoverse website is down and all the other ones so not provide much information. What makes it more difficult is that the bike has been modified in its appearance aswell. It is a 2004 model. Any sure signs between the difference?

Also, I'm new to the bike word but I'm mechanically inclined and very interested in learning about this new bike I have.

There should be some casting numbers somewhere on the motor. 


Mines a 2008, and they changed the frame and some minor stuff to them starting in 07.  So, your 04 might be different.



On the cylinder jug, right below where the exhaust bolts on, mines says 449 cm3.  Everyone rounds up or down, usually up.....So that's the casting marks for my 450 


Grab a light, and look the motor over.

Thanks fellas, appreciate it. I shall report back tomorrow. My nooblet eyes cannot tell those bikes apart from the sticker, which mine does not have. Mine also has no headlight or electric start that I can see. But there is a number of plugs with nothing in them behind the number plate.

A WR450 has the electric starter behind the cylinder, under the carb.  A WR250F has the starter in front of the cylinder.


The lower radiator hose connects to a steel fitting that bolts to the water pump housing.  On the WR250F, the lower hose connects directly to the water pump housing.  No additional fitting.

Called the local dealer today, turns out she is a 250, no worries though. It was too cheap to be a 450. Perhaps i'll see some you fellas on the wr250 forums in the future.

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