Oil change gone wrong (not too wrong though lol)

Well the last time i changed the oil i dont remember the bottom nut being tough to screw  on or anything like that but it obviously got cross threaded somehow.... the stud screw out with the bottom acorn nut! whoops!!! any who for this oil change i dabbed a little loctite on the stud and screwed it back in... seems to be tight and after my warm up run didnt see any leaks so i figure its good for now... anybody have any information on the stud/nut i need to order? or is it going to be as simple as going to the suzuki dealership and telling them what i need and they can look it up? heres some pics... anybody think i will have any problems with my cheap fix? at first i freaked out but when the nut wasnt moving at all i figured what the hell ill just use the nut as the "bolt head" and screw the stud back in like that lol 




No problem and Suzuki can fix you right up with the parts you need.  That filter cover is an O ring seal.  No need to get crazy with tightening the nuts.  You might try using a nut driver instead of a wrench.

ooooo i see... never realized it was sealed with just that o ring... good thing i replace it every time... (TT kit comes with new o rings so why not replace them!)

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