650 L has to have a starter cover gasket?

I was checking out some stuff and pulled the starter  cover  / cleaned  scraped old gasket  put bead of RTV


bike wouldn't start   I was sure it was the battery since it doesn't live long if you leave the headlight on


so I ordered an Odyssey  but also had the Extreme AGM tested  and darn if it wasn't good ?




the tolerance in that cover apparently is tight  and without the gasket it will bind the gears 



that's something I have not seen before loosened the cover and vroom 


so I have to order a gasket 

I've read about a washer that can be placed incorrectly that can cause binding but unfortunately I don't remember the particulars.

jjcast is correct.if you put the washer in the incorrect spot it`ll bind up almost solid..........the placement of that washer changed after a certain year,,the manual shows this,,but you gotta read closely...


But ......yup.......you also have to use the gasket or it`ll likely bind up also...



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thanks guys


I have finally found a difference in the XL's  for different years other than colors and graphics


the early years like mine use 4 washers at each end of the shafts  later years do not use but 1  so the reference of putting the washer in the wrong spot doesn't apply to me since all spots  get a washer  unlike  95 later


if I didn't have the washers ( all the same size)  i would have been fine with no gasket


I just made my own gasket  and left the washers in place  since I was not sure if anything else had changed  when they went with 1 washer  the gears may have changes also ? the numbers are the same  but the Alpha is different

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