Texas Title Issue


Ok. I made a booboo without realizing it. Moment of stupidity and excitement at the same time. I bought a motorcycle from someone. He had literally also just bought it and had the title signed over to him. He was told he could not keep it. This is where I come in. I bought it and then put on speedometer and went to register in my name. Because this person did not re-titke it I can not get it titled and registered to me in omlahoma. I called texas DMV and they said I could do a bond title but its not a bonded bike nor do I have any bond paperwork. The previous owners are not returning calls or texts. Anyone smart on texas registrations could you please shed some light on what my options are? Don't want an illegal paperweight sitting in my garage. 


Other research shows if I get approved for the Texas bond title I have to buy a bond worth the bike nada value  times 1.5. This can't be right. 

Did the seller give you the title and bill of sale??  Even if the title was not in is name??

Yes but oklahome doesn't seem to care about the bill of sale. I think I got it figured out. Friday meeting with a judge. He can award me with an OK title if he is convinced everything is legit. Ill find out friday. If not bond title is next option I think.

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