My new flatlands radiator guard in BLACK

Finally got it back from  powder coating today, they did an awesome job and blends right in, I just didn't like the aluminum look and it looked a little out of place, I also had my flatlands skid done in a textured black that will be in tomorrow.




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Looks good, I did the same thing as well.

I like it!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup::goofy:

very nice ...  :thumbsup:


I have had thoughts of going back to stock or having it powder coated .... glad I am not alone in this thought process 

Looks really good. I agree. Never did like the look of the aluminum. Definitely going that route. How much did it cost?

well they did my skid plate in a textured black and my radiator guard in gloss black and did them both for $65

Very nice

Very nice indeed.....


They should offer them in black.  I want to "black out" my radiator as well.  

I liked yours so much r6 i took mine off and painted it Black--Thanks for the idea

I liked yours so much r6 i took mine off and painted it Black--Thanks for the idea

good deal! I actually was going to plasti dip it at first as I have plasti dipped my skid plate on my wr and its holding up great, but I actually off road the crf quite a bit and wanted make sure it held up, here is a pic of the skid they finished up today, my iphone camera sucks so sorry for the horrible pics



Looks nice I used Rustolum black as that is what i had in my shop--wish now i had bought that skid myself--better coverage--was looking at the Moose but didn't see a actual pic of one for the 250L in time --Oh well live and learn--This site has saved me money in the long run anyway-- :thumbsup::ride::thumbsup:

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