Ktm 500 exc

Hello I have some questions for all of you ktm 500 exc owners out there. Or anyone else in the know.

1. Will the bike run with the battery disconnected? I believe the answer is no since I already did my own test and it dies as soon as the battery is unhooked.

2. Is the stator not strong enough to run the bike without the battery? Or does it have a fail safe that shuts off the engine if it detects the battery is disconnected?

3. If the battery dies and is still hooked up, say stranded in the middle of the desert. is there a cheap effective way of jump starting the bike to get it back to the truck? Something I could carry in my back pack. I've already found the bike won't kick over with a dead battery. Due to there being no battery juice to prime the fuel injection.

. A buddy, of a buddy of mine has a 500exc and he said he's used this, if the photo doesn't come out its a 9v battery with leads and clips. He said if the 500exc battery dies to put it on the battery with the clips then turn on and off the key several times to prime the fuel injection then kick it over. I'm wondering if anyone here has any info on this subject.

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I should clarify that I do currently have a 2013 500 exc. in supermoto setup. I also could have done a better job with the topic name but don't know how to change it after the fact. Sorry I'm new.

I'm pretty sure it's a fail safe so no one steals it by just removing the battery and kick starting it. 

If there is a way to bypass the battery issue I would love to know what it is so the kick starter can be utilized in case of emergency if the battery dies. Or I guess maybe move over to a lithium ion battery and carry an extra one in my bag. I assume they're pretty small.

If the battery dies you can still use the kick starter. The first several kicks charge the battery and the ones after turn the bike over. From my experience though, having my battery die with both the stock battery (which died just from turning the bike on and of a lot on one ride) and the lithium bAttery (which died from leaving the headlight on). The stock acid battery charged quicker via the kick starter and fhe bike finally started after numerous kicks. The lipo battery wouldn't start after several kicks so I finally just had my buddy pull me with a rope and bump start me. The reason the lipo battery didn't turn over might be cause I still needed to kick a few more times or that it does not charge up as easy as the stock acid one. Either way, I prefer the lipo any day. I just recommend getting a light switch that allows you to turn off the headlight during the day just in case you leave the key switch on as discharging a lipo battery multiple times is bad for them.

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Thanks for the info, I really just want to get all these issues figured out while I'm close to home and not in the desert.

I have a dead battery on the shelf I'll throw it in and see if I can get the bike to kick over or bump start. A month ago I accidentally left my ignition on and killed the batt then the next day I tried to kick it several times between 40-50 times but bike wouldn't start. I'll try it again. Any recommendations on lipo batt's?

It took me and a buddy a solid 5 min of kicking to get the acid battery to start lol I kicked the lipo one for about 20 kicks before I got winded and told my buddy to bump start me. Which IMHO is the best way to start a bike instantly. I carry thin rock climbing rope in my bag that 20ft fils into a small bundle and is rated to over 1000lbs. A simple tie around our opposite pegs is all it takes. IMHO the lipo is way better for weight saving instant cranking power and for the fact that it holds it's charge much much longer. I don't advise riding alone but if you do perhaps take that 9v trick to save a lot of kicks.

Oh and as far as recommendations for a lipo battery, my bro and I have used shorai a for 1000+ miles of trail riding with constant turning the bike on and off with out issues. The cranking power on them is awesome too.

Good to know. Thanks for the info, I'll definitely check those batteries out.

Good luck starting it without a battery. Some of the KTMs have a charge capacitor, the 500exc does not. Some guys do carry a 9v or small LiPo battery in their pack just in case they suffer a catastrophic battery failure.

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