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Hyde Racing on 2013 KTM XC 250

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I installed the following Hyde Racing parts on my 2013 KTM 250 XC. (http://www.hyderacing.com)




Fit perfectly the bike. Easy to install, the instruction are not super clear. The heat washer need to be on both side of the guard, against the big bushing and the metal spacer.

This skid plate is known to gather lots of mud, but they now have a huge hole right in the middle, I'm not sure it will keep mud out, or if it will make the skid plate less resistant. 





Tricky to put in place, the instruction are not very clear and some picture would make sense. 

Though they look amazing and very resistant.




The fork Guard is not at all included, I find the web site misleading in that manner.

The front disk guard fit well with the manufacture fork guard.

I have no idea why they show a picture with the Fork Guards..





The hyde racing web site is misleading on this also, the hand guard are not made at all of the same material as the skid plate. On their website they mention the following: 

 Hyde Racing hand guards feature all the important elements needed for hand and lever protection while raging through the trees. The bar is made from high grade aluminum, designed to withstand the toughest impact. The cover is made from a proprietary blend of polyethylene, the same material used for our Hyde skid plates. This polyethylene blend is extremely durable and will not crack. The billet Aluminum clamps have been cleverly shaped to accommodate hydraulic clutch master cylinders on bikes like KTM and Husqvarna. The cables run neatly through U-shaped clamps.


They are not made of the same material at all. They appear to be very flimsy I would not get them again if I would know that before ordering.

They come in a package that say they are made in South Africa, the website keep mentioning that all they stuff is made in USA.


Also they make  you buy the "Tapered Tap" and "Threaded Handlebar End Inserts with Bolts". When I ask about this they tell me to read the instruction, but no instruction were provided, the only instruction where the one in the package and nothing was about not using the expandable bolts that come with the kit.


Would definitely not buy the HAND GUARD from them again.




I will report more on a few rides, and also post more pictures.







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My Hyde skid plate cracked right down the front after a big rock hit. Also dented the pipe from the rubber spacers. Overall not that impressed with hyde.

Maybe your luck will be better.

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I have a hyde skid plate...have had it a few years now..I recently used it for what it was designed for....deflecting rocks,etc.  Well that didn't last as expected...and when i contacted Jay at hyde he actually said "Polymer has allot of performance advantages that aluminum and carbon fiber just don't, light weight, flexibility, low noise reflection and it's slippery, the trade off is it is a wear item and over time and constant hammering may need replacing."


A skid plate is a wear item now...?

U make up your mind...

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Looks like we don't have much options for guards. I though Hyde racing was my best bet, but I realize it's not necessarily the case.

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FWIW - I have the hyde skidder on my 300xc-w and have been very satisfied with it. Mine is the standard one, not the one with the pipe guard. I like the fit, it offers good side protection for the ignition cover. A little less so on the clutch side, but still pretty decent. It slides well, doesn't give the noise / ride of an aluminum model, and looks great, especially in orange. I've beat on mine pretty good and had no problems. The only issue I have is it's not the simplest to remove / install for maintenance / cleaning but I can deal with that.

I like mine.

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I now have about 15 hours done with the hyde racing parts.


Hand Guards:

I drop the bike a few times, and the hand guard seems to take it. One became loose and moved after falling, so I check both side and they were all loose tightened them again. Next time I will put some lock tight to help prevent the moving.


Radiator guards:

They are solid, no problem there. Though all the bolts needed to be tighten again. I added blue lock tight to help prevent that.


Skid plate and Muffler guard:

Everything seems to be holding. I Hit some rock they didn't crack or anything. I did put lock tight when I put it in place to make sure it was holding. It didn't become loose.


Mud and leaf are accumulating, but not in large quantity, the hole seems to let some go through and it doesn't built up. The dirt mainly stay around the muffler once it is filed up, everything goes through the hole. After 3.5 hours of leaf and mud it didn't accumulate a huge amount, the bike didn't over heat because of it.


Front Disk guard:

Very happy with that part, hit some rock and roots, and it stay there, no problem so far.

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