Fork stanchion height / bike knifing

Hey up.


2012 RMZ250 just sprung for me

front spring 0.455

front comp: 6

front reb: 12


rear spring 5.1 (105mm sag)

rear hi: 2 3/4

rear low: 8

rear reb: 12


When you guys throw the forks though the clamps, for say sand riding, do you ever go so far that the caps run flush with the clamps?  A suspension tuner i know said to throw them right though for sand but its got me guessing whether he meant top of stanchion or cap flush with clamp.  We're on different sides of the planet and he's a busy boy so i thought id see what you guys think


Curious because I've hit a couple of sand tracks lately and found the bugger is knifing on me a lot!  Rode my friends rmz450's and rm250 and they were much MUCH better.

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I have run mine below 'flush' before On Hondas, not only that, but you would probably benefit by going to 110mm sag, stiffening compression both ends and slowing rebound too. That's the sort of thing I did when riding a fine beach sand type track that was rougher than rough!

Arrr right, thanks DHS.  What sand tracks do you ride at...Dunkirk, Fatcats, Mepal?  In Belgium i noticed a couple of Honda riders running what looked like their forks to be way through the clamps also


While playing around i got the clickers nigh on to full hard but I'll give it another go with the extra stanchion drop & 5mm more sag.  It was also suggested i try going a bit softer on the rear's high speed?

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