Suzuki rm plastics on a rmx

I own a 96 rmx 250 and am struggling to find new plastics for it in australia but I can find heaps of 96 rm plastics will they bolt straight on my bike any info would be appreciated cheers

Which RMX do you have?  Living in Austrailia it's possible that you may have a model that we never got.





Looking at the 2 pics u put up mine is the top one

Ok, the US got that one.  As for RM plastic, everything will fit (US RM250's from '89 to '92).  But there's a problem, the RMX used an extra large silencer that required a secondary frame bracket.  To get an RM rear fender and right side panel to fit you will need to install an RM exhaust that doesn't use the RMX muffler bracket.  Or you can buy all the RM stuff and just live with the miss alignment in that area.

Ok ill look into that, thanks for the help mate really appreciate it

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