Rebound Separator Valve Test on 2001 CR250R (Showa Shock)

Installed a Race Tech Rebound Separator Valve on my 01' CR250R Showa and had a chance to test the shock out at my riding spot.

The results are excellent and the simple modification was well worth the money.


On braking  bumps the bike always tracks straight and made the bike much better handling entering turns.     At my riding area,  there is a downhill with braking  bumps that goes into the 90 degree left hander at the bottom of the hill.        The bike behaved excellent and allowed for much better controlled braking.


Also had to chance to ride some off road cross country riding.   The park where I ride have AMA Hare Scrambles and Cross Country events so it was a good place to test the suspension.     The modification on the rear suspension allowed for much improved traction.   The bike was much more comfortable to ride to start and ride longer.     The clickers were easier to adjust on the shock because all the feedback was more positive.   


Riding a fully prepped MX track this Weekend so I plan on going through the whoop section.


The installation is easy if you have an interest in servicing your own shock.    I removed the stock Showa "peening" on the shock shaft with my Dremel Tool.    This is required to remove the stock nut.    Do not recommend this if you do not have patience with this kind of mechanical work.    The hole in the Race Tech nut was drilled per the instructions of the Race Tech Staff instructions.


Again this affordable modification was worth every penny.



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Did you soften the compression a him stack to suit the nut ?

What size bleed?

The damping was left stock.

The bleed hole was drilled to 2.4 mm per Race Tech instructions according to bike and rider weight.

Thanks for the feedback Greg, and we're glad you were impressed.  If you ever want to take things a step further, we'd love to set you up with the TTalk discount at Race Tech and get you dialed with a full setup.  Just mention TTalk when ordering.

I had one on my 06 crf 250 and instant improvement in the whoops.

I currently run one on my 12 300xc which is my single track bike and again it really settled the back end down, allowing for higher speeds in the nasty stuff.

The bleed hole was drilled to 2.4 mm per Race Tech instructions according to bike and rider weight.



Thanks for the feedback Greg, and we're glad you were impressed.


Hey RT_Chris,


What factors does RT take into consideration when suggesting the drill size for an RSV?  It seems that RT recommend 2.4mm for just about every bike and every application. 


RT recommends the same bleed for a 2t and a 4t.  Surely the extra weight transfer and inertia of a big 4t would require or allow less bleed to be used. On the flip side, a light little two stroke would require more bleed.


What about riding terrain?  RT recommends the same for an enduro bike as a MX/SX bike.


Difference in shaft size? 16mm vs 18mm and the different flow rates?


What about intended clicker position and the relative orifice size of the rebound needle in the rebound seat vs RSV bleed?


While I think the RSV is a great product, RT provide very little tuning information with this product, so I'd be interested to hear a little more.

I will find out from our techs because I honestly have no idea (marketing guy)... I will let you know what I find out.

Honesty is much appreciated, I would rather someone tell me they dont know and will get an answer versus some bs. Wish there more out there! Thanks

I started with a 1.5mm bleed, I could always go bigger if I needed to.

I still need more rebound for my likeing so I probably should have started with 1mm.

Next time I'm in the shock I'll revise the stack.

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