TCTR Hunterville TrailRide/ Dual Sport 8-28/29


Are you going to be there or not.  I'm in!!!

Is it held Rain or Shine? If so I will probably go up for one of the days. Saturday would be better for me, but the forecast shows Sunday as the nicer day.

The ride is still on.  I'll ride there on Sunday.  Look a Yamaha number 241.  Here is a link for the club.  There will be a section that is not usually open to motorcycles and the money that is raised goes to some good causes, mainly advocating to keeping trails open.

Well then I will aim for Sunday as well. Look for the KTM #663. I usually park at the Western trailhead/parking area, will probably get there around 9:30-10:00 am. I hope I find you there Toadl.

Rode on Sunday, had a great time. Huntersville is awsome after a good rain.

I was at Paul Bunyan Friday night through Sunday.  Couldn't get my riding partner to leave Paul Bunyan, besides the riding was good there also, and are camping gear was too wet to pack away until late afternoon.  Next trail ride is the Paul Bunyan Trail Ride, and I plan on being there also.  Or, maybe I'll end up at Huntersville that weekend somehow. :naughty:

I've done that a zillion times. Some of the guys I ride with don't like all the traffic that abounds on trail rides. 


I've had a dad or two object to my showing their kid a wheel when shouting and revving and shouting and revving and shouting and revving...have no effect. 


I can understand the race face kid ignoring useless stimuli. Sometimes they need visual aids. Unfortunately, sometimes seeing a wheel really freaks them out. That's where the trouble starts. Dads, being dads, don't like seeing their kids freak out. I can understand that too.


So if the weather is perfect and there are likely to be a lot of kids riding. We will sometimes avoid the crowd by going where they are not. I do feel guilty for depriving the organizers a signup fee. I have actually gone so far as to go over and pay it sometimes, when practical, by way of support.

I rode on Sunday as well. Trails were in great shape after the rain. Traffic wouldn't have been much of an issue, there weren't a ton of people there. All day while out riding I never saw any other riders on the trail, only saw people at the camp/staging area. 

A very low turn out for the trailride, I bet there were more TCTR club members than riders!

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