xt 350 carb problems

i just put a new piston in my xt 350. starting it up with the choke on the bike runs. sounds fine 2000-3000rpm with the choke on, or the choke at 1/2 on. when i put the choke all the way off it sputters and dies. even if i hold the throttle at 3000 rpm there will be the sputter it might not die right away though. but if i let it go to idle no choke below 2000rpm. dies pretty much instantly. when it sputters there is air coming back through the carbs, as in through the air filter. 

Nevermind. i just figured it out. pilot screw. i was reading that it should be 2 turns out. i have mine at 8 turns out now, it has never idle so nicely before. But it looks like i need a new pilot needle, a bigger one? i feel that 8 turns out is on the verge of falling out.

It is . You likely have a circuit that's still clogged and the wide open pilot screw is making up for it .


Use flammable brake fluid to clean all the passages , followed by a good amount of compressed air .


As always : READ THE LABEL OF THE CHEMICALS YOU USE . Protect your eyes .

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