best stage 1 jet kit for 2009 xr650l

completely stock ecept for air filter, throttle has slow response and crack and pops on decel , will jet kit fix this or does it sound like something else

They are lean from the factory. Look up the Dave's mods for the carb and do them or better yet do an fcr carb swap. Lots of info on both if you do a quick google search. Bike will wake up. Fcr carb is night and day over the stock carb even with the mods in the throttle response department.

Oh ya, might as well get rid of the smog stuff as well.

I would strongly recommend against getting a jet kit from DynoJet.  They don't use the standard jet numbering method.  You can buy a jet kit from Factory Pro that has four main jets, a new pilot jet, and a titanium needle with five clip positions so that it's easy to adjust.  Or you can just buy the jets that you need directly from Honda, your local moto store, or

Both of my XR650L's pop on decleration and they do it both when lean and rich.  I'm thinking that the only way to stop that is with a fully stock exhaust.  Even that might not stop the popping, but you won't hear it.  My totally stock KTM 990 Adv also pops on decleration, but the stock pipes make it so you can barely hear it.

How much are the factory pro kits Scott?

On eBay, they're somewhere between $50 and $80.


The FactoryPro web site is a nightmare to navigate, but I think this is the one:

Looks like $59.59 from them.  Order CRB-H74-1.1-TI, which includes four mains, a pilot, a needle, and the replacement screws so you don't have to put stripped Phillips screws back in when you close it all up.

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