2002 gas gas EC300 buy it?

Looking at buying one. I currently have a ktm 300 exc. What should I look for on the GG? Whats a decent price?

The 2002 GG 300 has similar forks to the same vintage KTM (WP43), so no surprises there. Chassis might be a bit smaller, and seat is a bit lower. If it has a tall seat and tall bars they should be pretty similar. The GG handles different than the KTM from what I have read, but that is the same across all brands.


Good transmissions and stonking motors, I really enjoyed mine. If you look at the stator on the LH side, the wires exit at one of two locations. If the wires exit the cover at 10:00, it's a 2K2 lightweight flywheel; if the wires exit at 2:00 it's a 2K3 heavy flywheel. The light flywheel motor rips. It revs super quick with minimal vibration (for a 300) but it has a fair bit of engine braking. You can get flywheel weights to tune the rev response. The 2K3 is a little slower to rev, but the power comes on super smooth with good traction and minimal engine braking.


Same carbs as KTM for that vintage (38mm), so whatever jetting you like now should be pretty close between bikes. The JD jetting kit is a direct swap, you just need to tune the pilot and airscrew for that bike.


For price, I sold my 2002 with some goodies and spares (brand new, zero hour body work) for $2200. New tires, 30 hours on a complete engine overhaul, tuned suspension, etc. For a regular bike without a bunch of extras probably $1800-$2000. Maintenance items are similar, check swingarm bushings and shock linkage for play, regular stuff like that.

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