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crf150 for oil change and problem with fork cap

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Got a set of crf 150 forks in to replace seals and ran into a weird problem with the fork caps and the compression adjuster.


All other forks I have done , I screw the cap all the way down till it stops then tighten the lock nut. If I do this on these forks the compression adjuster backs out of the cap. Tried to tighten the adjuster screw after this and it is locked. Anybody else have this problem ? do I bottom the adjuster screw and then tighten the fork cap until the screw and adjuster rod bottom and then tighten the lock nut ?

I pulled the other cap and it seems the cap is bottomed on the dampening rod and needed to be loosened by holding the lock nut and turning till the lock nut bottoms on the damper rod threads.

seems the rod must be pushing against a valve , just don't want to damage it with improper installation.





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