kx85 rear shock PLEASE HELP!

My shock is sitting verylow i can lift the bike about 3-4 inches until the shock is fully out. I tried the rebound screw all the way in and all the way out . Nothing happend even after i took it through whoops to kind of get it adjusted. i dont know what to do please help and would it cost me something or can i do it my self please help

First, when was the last time it was rebuilt?

Was it done properly and refilled fluid and with air or nitrogen to proper psi?

Providing the previous was done correctly...

Did you set your static sag? 

Then set your rider sag?

its brand new the whole bike sorry for late reply nothing was done to it it just happend the next day i woke up and felt it


3 weeks later i broke my leg because it was too harsh and no adjustments did anything


and yes i set the sag to 105mm

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