Re-thumpin around

The 'L' is back on the road, puttering around town. Cleaned up, returned to a more fuel efficient setting and just providing a few afternoons of wind in the face road wandering. Since the YZ hit the farm the 'L' does not get much dirt time anymore, puttered around Abbott yesterday but not on the track, may even be retired from the last Endurance Race. Still a joy to ride at 65mph on 77, and weave through traffic in Lincoln, so comfortable sitting up and legs extended, glad I sold the Nightster for the YZ as the 'L' gets a lot of road time now.

Pretty fast on the YZ, and throwing around 204lbs of YZ is a lot easier than 285lbs of the stripped down 'L', and no fear of breakin the 'L' doing something 'incredibly stupid with people watching' on the 'L'.

Next spring a debate, a new Harley 'cruiser' or just get a XR650 for the longer road rides...decesions, decesions.....

check out Honda's new CBX500  .... I like it !!! 


I was checking this out last week in store ... feels really nice



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I like the feel of this one, but I haven't had a test ride.   Check out the specs page and the "Unlimited Mileage Warranty".  Not quite a SM, but with some SM tires and some fender mods, maybe....   It has a low center of gravity so it should handle well.


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price: $14899 Engine: 2-cylinder, 4-stroke, 75° V-Twin arrangement, liquid-cooled Transmission: 6-speed Energy: Contactless controlled fully electronic ignition Displacement 999 cc  


When it comes to off road riding, KTM’s motorcycles are usually considered among the most capable models from the market.

The 2013 KTM 990 Adventure is one of the best bikes developed by the company and it is now available in a special edition named “Baja”.

The 990 Adventure Baja Edition comes with a 2 cylinder, 4 stroke, 75° V-Twin, liquid-cooled engine with a displacement of 999 cm³ (60.96 cu in). With a maximum output of 115 hp, the engine is more than capable to deal with the demanding tasks of an off road motorcycle and all its power is kept perfectly in check by a six speed transmission.

Other features worthy of being mentioned include a superlight supersprox rear sprocket, an aluminum radiator protector, a long-travel telescopic fork and a directly connected shock absorber from WP Suspension.


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I sat on a KTM 990 yesterday, love that sit up style and the leg extension riding position on the 'bad' knees, plus the ease of a foot plant on a stop. Comes with all the bobbles and whistles, bags, and such. Star City has a used 12 for $10K. A 990 will do the NE to NY run with ease and more 'storage' room than a Harley, better fuel economy and looks for my tired body a more comfortable ride. It will probably never even see a fire road, a good set of 80/20 road tires on it and away I would go.

I went in to price a XR650, but this appears to be the way to go for me. New 13 or used 12 is now the choice.

Might look at the BMW R1200GS--I had an r1100gs and took it to Alaska two up one year and back--lower center of graverty too--Just a thought--ABS on the Beemers is a plus in my book--dosent cure stupidity but comes CLOSE :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :ride:

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The Triumph Thruxton is pretty badass too.

That KTM 990 is sweet. Never saw one before. And the weight is 209 lbs. that's lighter that a 250L.

That KTM 990 is sweet. Never saw one before. And the weight is 209 lbs. that's lighter that a 250L.


I think the motor may weigh that much  :p . The specs list it in kilograms which is about 460 lbs. 


Still an awesome looking bike for sure.

I think the motor may weigh that much :p . The specs list it in kilograms which is about 460 lbs.

Still an awesome looking bike for sure.

Awwww. That makes more sense. The thing looks huge so I should have realized that something was not right. I must be tired. Thanks.

The KTM is heavy, yes near 450, but well balanced.  One of the problems I had with my old XR650 was the weight on highway at speed, too light, lane drifted too much.  If I get this will not see dirt, and the weight will keep it stable at 65-75 interstate speed limits, so no issues.  Keeping the 'L' as well for short in town thumpin around.

Have you ridden the 990 Adventure? You know about the issues? And that it's not like a BMW, it's a beast? 
Maybe you do, so i'll just say this - you would be lucky to have a dealer that knows what they are doing with it. They just know KTM offroad bikes. It is really not like a Jap bike. 
i have a superduke and my friend has an SMT. 





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check out Honda's new CBX500  .... I like it !!! 


I was checking this out last week in store ... feels really nice



I road this at the honda test ride event. I was extremely impressed with the power for a 500. It was very smooth and got up to speed nicely on the highway. I had it going 135-140km/h because we were with tour guides that host the event. I would certainly consider purchasing this if I didn't have a bike already. Great feel to it

Take a look at this comparison of the KTM 690 Duke and the Husqvarna TR650 Strada


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