Weird clutch issue

So last week I bought a 2003 DRZ400E that had been in a shed fire. All the plastics/cables/speedo/some wiring had melted but the bike underneath was solid (albeit covered in black shit). 


Spent the last week fixing it up, got a big RMATV order in this morning, fitted all the new bits including a new tusk clutch cable


Even after fitting the clutch cable the pull felt a bit heavier than normal, I lubed every moving point and it felt a bit better.

Just took it out for a test run (first time riding it), I had 5mm free play at the lever with all cable adjusters mostly all the way in. 

After 5 minutes I noticed that the take up point of the clutch was right when the lever was at the bars, so I adjusted it back to 5mm free play. 

Rode for another 5 minutes and once again take up point was at the bars. 

It got to the point where every adjuster was maxed out and the take up point had gone past the bars to the point it wouldn't even dis-engage the clutch... 


Never had an issue like this before, I haven't pulled the clutch apart and probably wont have time for a while.  


My first thought is that the fibre plates have swelled so much with the heat that the free play between pushrod and pressure plate just keeps growing and growing. 


Going to see if it goes back to normal once it cools down. 


Any thoughts? 


On the plus side it hauls ass. I love DRZ's, they have the perfect off-road motor !

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Well I found the problem, the tusk cable has complete collapsed on itself. The cable outer looks like an accordion down the engine end of the cable. POS!   :thumbsdn:

Yeah ? .. Send it back .. I have just fitted a motion pro cable to my CRF , nice product

Bad cable, yea that was my first thought.  Some Tusk stuff is pretty good but not always.

Its a bugger, I had the motion pro cable in the cart but changed it to a tusk to get it into a cheaper shipping bracket. Doh!

Just sent them an email with a picture asking for a replacement... will see what happens. 

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