Pro circuit header

I must say the pro circuit stainless head pipe looks badass after the first few rides. I think it looks cooler than titanium. And will last way longer.


I recently put a stainless FMF header on my CRF450 (stock one cracked) - mine turned a golden color like the back end of yours, no bluing. 


Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't blue pipes mean it ran TOO hot?


But yeah, it does look cool!

How could that be. I ran a PC titanium for 6 yrs till it crack. I didn't change anything when I slapped a PC stainless pipe on there. Also I use engine ice and check the coolant every ride. ??

I just got emailed back from PC technical support. He said its normal.

Good to hear, I was just really surprised at how blue yours looks compared to mine and believed I rear or hear somewhere that blue pipes meant it ran hot, maybe it was on street bikes or something, I don't know. That is 1 one clean Honda you have though, looks great!

looks same as my procircuit Ti header..

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