150 forks cap problem

I think I posted this in the wrong thread earlier.

I am working on a set of cr150f for a friend and changed oil and seals. The adjuster in the cap seems to try to unscrew or back off when I am installing the cap. It would seem the cap would screw on till it stops against the inner threads on the cartridge rod then just tighten the lock nut. But when I try to screw it down the compression adjuster backs out, then when I try to adjust it is tight.

any trick to this or should I not bottom the cap ?



This is silly, I just went back in and bottomed out the adjuster screw, screwed the cap on till I felt tension, backed off the adjuster screw 1/4 turn then made sure the lock nut was spun all the way against the cap and tightened it. So Silly .........


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