Mock headlight yz250

Hey guys,

I'm wanting to chuck a headlight on my 08 yz250, just for looks, as I'm an offroad racer and its sort of the done thing around here, I'm leaning towards the polisport mmx, any other suggestions on what would look good?


Trail tech x2 hid!!!!

just for looks, as I'm an offroad racer and its sort of the done thing around here


Just for looks, as in not functional?


If you want a functional headlight I think you will need some stator work and a new reg/rec.

As far as I know you cant get wind the stators on the yz250.

Im planning on running 3s lipos and an LED. Havent decided on what light yet, but I think I want most of my light to come from helmet lights

Oh but you can!!! Hodgkins, a member here on TT makes/sells them. I've bought two over the last couple of years.

If you just want a headlight appearing decals, like drag cars have on their front ends, check this out.  I was going to do this with my woods YZ...

Of course, you'll need a front number plate.  My plate is black so I think the results would look pretty good.

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To those posting about light, I don't want light, just the Enduro look, further more ill need to get numbers made up for the light too. I like the Ktm exc headlight, so somthing along those lines, slim etc. keep the suggestions coming guys!

Also I'm unsure about the decal lights, be sure to post a picture if you go ahead with that

stock '06-09 wr headlights look really good

Head lights add weight



My personal experience is that aftermarket headlights (like UFO) tend to damage the OEM brake line. The stock brake line works best when aligned behind the headlight but it tends to get caught in front when the forks compress and is deflected to the front of the light. My point is, you may need to consider an alternative and longer brake line. A stock WR line may work well, or a braided line would also do nicely.


If you have no use for the headlight glass, I would fill strip the light and fill the void with a panel cut out of the side of an ice cream container. Save the glass from getting broken, save mud getting on your triple clamp and bearings and an extra place for a sponsor sticker.

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2007-2011 OEM WR250f/450F headlight surround looks like good (see thumbnail): If you look closely you will notice a small piece of ductape repair, which was pretty common when the short YZ line got stuck in front of the headlight.

2012-2014 WR headlight looks best, but has the same old issue.


I am not aware of any headlight surround that sits right against the forks (like the KTM). Others may chime in and this is the type that you're looking for if you want to avoid a switch to a longer brake line.


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Cheers fellas,

As far as adding wieght, not really once as mentioned the glass can be removed. Think ill borrow a few lights and see where I'll have the least brake problems, although I do have a braided line currently installed so could be all good! Photos once I finalise a light choice

Also swappa is the top picture you? I saw you, and the rest of the team at the last dungog aorc! Small world

Also swappa is the top picture you? I saw you, and the rest of the team at the last dungog aorc! Small world

Nah mate. Wish I could have seen you there but I'm stuck in Cali. That's AJ Roberts who runs the Acitve8 Yamaha racing team. Ooh how i dream of racing/riding in gum treeessss ... but i digress.

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Poor picture of a Polisport LMX light.


I wrote that I had issues with the UFO headlight ... when adam posted his polisport, it jogged my memory. 2006-2008 I ran the same Polisport headlight and it didn't work very well. You might be fine w your a market braided brake hose.a4de saturday 1576_std.jpg

Yer fair enough guys, swappa, I did see activ8 team out there inc. Aj, but there was another guy riding aj's spare bike, thought that may have been you.

Cheers for the photos

P2160079.jpgMy UFO HL has been fine for the past few years

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