KTM 125sx seized repair cost $3500?!?!

A few months ago I bought a ktm 125sx 2009 and everything was running fine (had a bit of a rattle didnt think much of it) I was out on someone's land riding around, all was going well until I went to change from 4th to 5th and the bike just stalled and locked the back wheel up. I tried kicking it but the kickstart was stuck, so we checked the oil and the fuel mix and all was fine but it still wouldn't kick so we took it to our local ktm dealer and two weeks later they rang us up and said it will cost $3500 to fix?! That's nearly as much as we paid for the bike and I was wondering, should I get a second opinion, sell the bike for parts if cost was same, repair it and sell it and buy another bike or repair and keep it knowing it will later on burn a hole in my pocket? (I have always got shit from my mates about ktms costing heaps and I used to ignore it but now I think I can't haha)

Get the bike from the dealer

You need to find out the exact issue first , then get quotes

ask them for the estimate, parts and labor...


they are probably quoting you for a cylinder, top end, bottom end and all bearings, who knows maybe there is case damage as well. when you let a piston scatter, there is the potential for a lot of damage.


a shop will recommend a complete rebuild everytime, they dont want comebacks because then you have a pissed off customer blaming the shop for trying to save them a little coin and expecting free work. sometimes they will also give you a "worst case scenario" to see if youre a player, they dont want to waste their or your time.


give us the parts list and the total labor including their shop rate.

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Does the $3500 include the anal lube?

I have no idea where they are getting $3500 from. I'm sure a large part of that is labor. If your not comfortable doing the work yourself then I would shop around for a better quote.

Even if the top end including the jug and the crank are destroyed I can't see it being on the high end ~1200$ in parts including gaskets and bearings. If the cases are destroyed then yes I can see the cost increasing significantly.

If I was you, I'd be searching for a used motor to throw in it. Do the work yourself, a motor swap is pretty easy on dirt bikes... 

3+ k for a 125sx that's crazy. Find a repuitable repair mec in your area, dealer shops are known for way overpricing repairs. 

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More then half of the $3500 is labor I'm sure.  Have them get you a list of parts that needs to be replaced and go pick up your bike.  You can find guys parting out bikes on ktm talk, check craigslist to.  You have a lot of options here but paying that shop $3500 isn't one of them. 

We are picking the bike up today or tomorrow and are taking it to a trusted mechanic. Will ask Ktm about the parts list and total hours worth of labor it will take. Also I live in Australia where used dirtbikes 06 and up sell for $3k and over


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That's why I do work myself. Get it right away, before they start charging you for stuff. You can get a different bike for that much!

Chainsaws cost twice what they do in the USA so I'm sure bike parts are no different. Americans always get  better deal than even the lowly Canadian :rolleyes:

I would say do the work your self, hot rods makes a complete kit for 500 crank, bearings, seals, gaskets, ect. Then have the cylinder plated that should be about 200. All in all you should be able to do this for just over $1200. And next time replace the top end before it has a catastrophic failure

I would like to see what that shop would charge to repair a major blow up on a 4 stroke. $10k anyone? lol

I would like to see what that shop would charge to repair a major blow up on a 4 stroke. $10k anyone? lol

Exactly! Maybe that's their marketing strategy to move new bikes? Oh you're tire went flat? That's to bad, that's gonna be at least 800$ to fix. Come on over here to our sales floor we can get you on a brand new bike today friend.

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