absorbing small bumps & high bottoming resistance

Hi there


I am looking to make my bike absorb square edge and other mostly small bumps (less than 10 inches) with little to no feedback felt, but have high bottoming resistance in the last few inches for emergencies, even if it is extremely harsh through the bars.


Just wondering what people think the best way to achieve this is before I sent off for a revalve, so I can gauge if the suspension shop has any idea or if they are just willing to take my money.


Most of my riding seems to be fairly flat, I don't think I use more than half the travel 95% of the time, and overall my ride feels harsh and tiring going over what I perceive to be, relatively small bumps.  I would also like a setup that gives me a bit more confidence hopping out of ruts.  I also don't jump.


I'm guessing something along the lines of reduced damping both ways and higher oil level in the forks, not sure about how one would prevent bottoming in the shock.  Is there a better way to achieve this?


Finally, is tuning for the above something that is basically the same among different suspension brands/types, or will I need to find a tuner that has experience setting up my exact forks and shocks?


For reference, my bike is a 2009 KTM 200 xc





Make sure you contact a ktm specialist. There are plenty of people that will take your money and not care.

What you ask is extremely difficult out of the wp fork.

But when you say you're mainly flat terrain this lets you get away with a high midvalve float which works wonders for making small obstacles have minimal feedback.

But if you run high oil levels with high float it's a bad combo because you hit the progressive air spring QUICK.

So I would use moderate oil levels, high floats, and a BV with a big backer.

Does the XC 2009 have a CC fork?

If yes:

Invest in some stroke depended elements for more bottoming resistance. 


- Huckvalve

- Spring perches

or something like that.


But remember:

If the springperches are too restrictive they can cause midstroke harshness too....

Its always a compromise.

So I would use moderate oil levels, high floats, and a BV with a big backer.

What do you mean by "big backer" in the base valve?

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