Hello everyone I am a new member here but have lurking and gathering tons of helpful information over the past few weeks/month.


I am hoping someone can help me?

I recently got a 1997 Honda CR 250 R.  It was not running ( no spark ) So I put a cdi box and a stator in it, new plug, I cleaned out the carb changed the oil and coolant. It now fires up first kick. The problem I am having is it idles really high and the idle/choke knob does absolutely nothing. The bike runs really well but when I pull the clutch in the idle shoots way up. Anyone ever have this problem or heard of a fix.

When I had the carb out i cleaned out all the jets and replaced the float needle and bowl gasket.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Same thing happened to me, its either a air leak in your air boot/ air box or you pilot jet is clogged. Or you have a bad seal in the engine

Check you pilot jet and turn idle screw all the way out

Check your air screw, should be around 1-2 turns out from fully seated, maybe the air screw is turned out like 3 turns which will make the pilot lean, that or the pilot jet is too small if it doesn't drop idle when the air screw is screwed in.

Sounds like your ignition side crank seal is gone (pulling in clutch affects idle), also on my 97 cr 250 the choke Button /Idle adjust screw was worn out, also get yourself a good repair manual.

Thank you everyone for all the help and suggestions! yz144yammi you were right it was an air leak. There was no gasket between the carb and the engine it was metal on metal. I put in a gasket and it now runs perfectly!! Choke works and the idle screw actualy adjusts the idle up and down.

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