Otero Canyon


Looking for info on Otero Canyon. From what I can find, Otero is just another name for the Cedro area trails. I want to find the trail shown in this video from Flachris 001.


I've been to Cedro 3 times and have never seen this trail. Would the Ranger Station on 337 have info and maps on Otero trails? Any info on where Otero Canyon is and location of this trail appreciated.


Please contact me with message if you don't want to discuss in a public forum.



I think that trail is called Birdcage, and it tough!!! The ranger station has maps, and that trail is on the south side of the tunnel.

I may be wrong tho.

Found it. Rode the area today. Went in at the Mars TH. Rode Cajun Pine to the Drop In trail to Blueribbon. Then Otero Canyon trail to West Ridge trail and over to Birdhouse Ridge trail and down to the highway. My buddy had had enough by then and rode back to the truck at Mars via the highway. I took Birdhouse Ridge back the way we came. I think it was my favorite trail of the day.


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