XR600R air filter in XR650L?

Dumb question, does the filter and element cage from a late model XR600R fit an XR650L?

I believe the Uni does at least. Think the k&n too.

Yes the only diff with a Uni is 600r dont come with cage 650L does

I use an oem xr600r cage and aftermarket filters in my xr650l.

I use an oem XR250 cage and No-Toil filter in my 650L. I believe they are all the same with the exception of the 650R and maybe the XR400.


Made the mistake of ordering a No-Toil filter without a cage. When I realized that the stock 650L filter is one piece I ordered the XR250 cage and hoped for the best. Fits perfect. Probly the reason why you are asking. 

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