2011 kx250f kick starter turns for a kick and a half then stops?

I just finished putting my bike together and went to turn the motor over using the kick starter. The bike turns over for about a kick and a half but when the intake cam lobes get to the the intake valve buckets the kick starter stops and is very hard to move. The odd thing about it is that when I take a socket to the crank and turn the motor that way it is smooth all the way through the strokes. There is a little resistance where the intake lobes hit the intake buckets but not even close to the amount of resistance that the kick starter is experiencing. Could I be 180 degrees off on timing???

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

If you can turn it over by the crank with a socket easily then I doubt your valves are hitting the piston causing the kick starter to lock up. I would start by double checking the installation of your kick start mechanism... Make sure you have the spring wound properly otherwise it will essentiall wind itself out until it can't go any further.

Alright, I'll check the kick starter mechanism first thing when I get home. If it was the spring winding out wouldnt it lock up and random places? The kickstarter locks up in the same place every time when I crank it over. 

Happened to my crf just had to get the timing just right it was off a hair

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