Need Help ASAP! Please

I have a 2000 Honda 650R with road tag and only mods where opening up restrictions from manufacture. I ride often in PA and a month ago experienced trouble idling and much popping from the exhaust. Boys in back see flames coming out (lol).  After day one we cleaned the air filter and it helped. Still needed to stay on the gas so the pig didn't stall. No e-start and I'm 150lbs so looking forward to an upgrade some day.


Now i'm leaving for PA Thursday. Put a new air filter in and only lightly oiled. I changed the plug and since then have not been able to start or even appear to want to? Have a six gallon tank on and it takes a little patience to get on. Time has been limited so I've been asking others what the problem could be? Was the new plug that's been in my spare case for 5 years bad? is the main jet gummed/plugged. Could easily remove air filter to start so its either the plug or an issue with carburetor. The local dealer said the ethanol in gas these days is causing problems. Another said a diaphragm on top of carburetor or jets?


So, ill stay up to wee hours in the morning tonight taking apart and testing those areas. The bike did start before I changed plug and filter (suspecting main jet now as it was more difficult to start, doesn't want to idol and was popping when slightly revving to keep going and warm up) so I suspect its the plug or plugged jet?... obviously! Though I would throw this out there hoping after work some kind thumper might have some suggestions based on similar issues/ troubleshooting.


I will gladly share my results and trusting something silly and/or simple I overlooked when squeezing some time in to do repairs and/or the late hours with beers?


Thank you for any insight in advance : )



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Claen the carb.

Put in a new (not just 'clean' pilot jet

Fine adjust the fuel screw.

Check needle jet emulsion tube

Check valves

Do a leak down test

As william stated, it's the pilot jet, replace it.


And what do you mean by 'lightly oiled air filter' ? 

This concerns me, because for an air filter to work and protect the motor, you must SATURATE the filter with oil, then remove the excess.

Otherwise you WILL pull dirt into the motor, guaranteed.  Every single pore of the foam must have oil in it.

Thanks! located a disconnected wire under seat after not getting a spark. Fired up, but still has the pilot jet issue as suggested? Starts on full choke and will rev with gas, but stalls when going to even half choke. Going to pick up a pilot jet today and wondering if there is anything else in there I should purchase a spare part for since I'll be far away from any parts soon. Also properly oiled new air filter Krannie!


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