AGV Ax8 Evo Solid MX helmet , How is it?

Agv ax8 evo solid

Looking for opinions on this mx helmet

I used one last year, the Rossi graphic. Helmet is very light, one of the lightest I have used. Chin bar sticks out a bit farther than other brands, nice aggressive look. Venting was average IMO, padding and finish awesome. The only thing I would advise is try one on. This helmet seemed to run large for me, and I have not had that issue with Shoei, Arai, or TLD before. I have used AGV street bike lids before, and I thought they were on the snug side, so this running larger surprised me.

I think I'm going to pick one up

I think I'm going to pick one up

Love mine. By far the best I've ever had. Super light and good ventilation!

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