Rmz 250 Clickers

Hi all,


I have been racing / riding on and off for over 25 years.


Truthfully I am not very responsive to clicker settings, yes I know where they are and what they do, I just cant really feel it.


So I am after some guidelines please,


I have an 2005 RMZ250, with standard suspension ( yes say what you will), I am 53 years old, 100 kg/ 240 lbs and I am novice vet class as such. Motocross only, my local track is light sand on a hard base.


1) How accurate is the Racetech spring calculator? It shows stock spring rates are 4.3 front and 5.0 rear.

    It states I need 4.58 front springs and 5.82 rear. are these accurate?


2) Due to money, I wish to buy springs ( 4.6 front and 5.9 rear) from Diverse on Ebay and install them myself.

     if I use the standad clicker position as a base, what are your suggestions for adjustments to cope with these heavier springs?


After I set the rear sag to 105mm ?, I am assuming I adjust clickers for more rebound and less compression, how many clicks?????????


Thanks Mark

Your going to need more rebound damping than the std rebound stacks can cope with

Hey Mark,

I find RT tends to be on the soft side. I am a 40+ novice at 200 lbs and I ride a 2013 RMZ250 on many different mx tracks. I am running a 5.7 rear and a the equivalent of .48 in the forks (mine are SFF so I only have one big spring). I would say at 240 you would want to be a little stiffer. Getting the right springs will make your bike so much better:-) Call Factory Connection and they will give you recommendations based on your size and ability. They are the best I have used. On the clickers- First set your sag at 105mm then set the clickers to the stock settings and go from there. If you reduce compression damping and add rebound it will make the bike plusher in choppy stuff but may pack down in long whoop sections or bottom too much off big hits.  I would start by taking two clicks off the compression and see how it feels. If the rear wants to kick up add a click to rebound and see how it feels. Same on the forks. Try to balance the forks and shock as best you can. Everyone is different so experiment.

Your going to need more rebound damping than the std rebound stacks can cope with

That I do not know about. I had FC revalve my suspension;-)

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