Head Gasket Orientation

Just in the process of rebuilding the top end of my 02 wr426.


I have a factory head gasket but need to know if there is a specific orientation for installing the gasket.


The gasket is a two piece with one side having ridges and the other side having indentations.


Does it matter what side goes up or down ??



A two piece head gasket?

I just had a look online and the gasket looks like one piece to me and identical to the one I put on my 98 wr400 a month ago.

It can only be orientated one way.

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Hey Jed,


Thanks for the reply.


The gasket is actually two thin pieces of metal crimped together at 4 different spots.

I just tried a dry fit and found that it could be installed either way but makes sense with the ridges up. All of the holes line up that way.


I am going to confirm this with the shop when I pick up my head.



Ok i see what you mean by two piece now. I could be wrong man but from memory, I thought it only fitted one way. Anyway, I fitted mine with the ridges up and it's doing its job. There is nothing mentioned in the manual so if it fits both ways then surely it doesn't matter?

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