Total clutch rebuild or not?

So the 02 kx250 was stalling easy and seemed to be loud at the lever...(if you know what I'm saying), I have put in new fibers, steels and springs, cable is good. She stalls easy, the fingers on the basket had very very light notching. I just ordered new needle bearings for the hub to ride, new thrust washer, I think that should get rid of the rattle and noise. I am debating on taking a file to the basket. Is there a measurement to gauge if you file or not? Baskets are money! I will stretch mine out the rest of the season if possible. Once my needle bearings come in and I open her back up I will probably file the basket. That will be a total clutch replacement besides the pressure plate and basket and hub..the big $$ items.

So any type of tolerance, it doesn't say in the manual, where do you guys draw the line?

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