2013 RMZ450 Cornering

I've been having an issue at the track I ride with cornering. I am 6'-0" and 205 before gear. Beginner mx rider. Same issue I had with my YZ450. Front tire pressure 13-14 psi.


I feel like the bike doesn't want to carry through turns, the way a friends RMZ does. I feel like the bike wants to push past ruts, and skates around on flat blown out turns, always looking for something to bank off of. A friends RMZ felt like any turn I could pull in tighter without knifing, I could feel the front and rear complimenting each other. I could feel the front tire performance, first time ever feeling that on a dirt bike. My RMZ does not feel anything like this.


I get way up on the tank and try to ride aggressive, but the bike just doesn't promote confidence.


I went two clicks softer on the fork rebound, and I would like to say the bike felt more planted in turns, but now the bike feels a little lazy, or vague. I am not sure which directions to play with the clickers. I've read the Suspension Bible by Race Tech and still confused on how to dial in my suspension.


Can someone advise me what to do, what direction to mess around with? I plan on taking a log book, and just make one change for each component and see what they do.photo.JPG

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Why not match your friends suspension settings?


You also might want to check your sag, Set sag at 100mm, and then slide the forks up or down until you find the cornering that you're looking for.

It is a friend of a friend, who I have no contact with, only met one time. Someone who I asked to ride my YZ because they were trying to coach me in a few sections. He immediately had me ride his bike, with a huge grin on my face when I returned. I know for a fact though, his bike was all stock, except Renthal KW bars. I bought the RMZ a week later.


My RMZ is at about 104-105mm of race sag. Forks have been slid up 9mm as the manual states.

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I would try a little less sag!  Simple to try and I think you'll like the results.

less sag and back off the preload on fork. play with the clickers. start with rebound on the front and then rear. also try 1/4 turn more or less at a time with shock high speed. raise forks in clamp 1-2mm above the lip of the top of fork. take some fork fluid out of the forks,this will help settle the front wheel. Once you get the right recipe these bike will carve a line on a hardpack flact corner. Right when it starts to get a little headshake or feel like its starting to oversteer-you got a good setting. I find it easier to set a bike up to oversteer and dial that out than to fix a front end that's pushing. depending what tire you are running,try 10psi,but don't go too low that the tire rolls. Run the least pressure that will give bite yet wont get squirm.

I am running the stock Bridgestone m403. Is 10-12 psi ok on hard pack?

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I am running 9mm past the caps on the forks, exactly how the manual states. Are you saying to try another 1-2mm?

I think he is telling you to get that number to 7mm. Seems to be the magic # for most RMZ riders complaining of lack of front end feel. Made a world of difference for me and I was at 5mm before.

stiffer springs, 5mm, 103-104mm sag. You are too heavy for those springs. The rear is squatting and upsetting the chassis balance.

I agree with the springs might be undersprung for my weight. I will work on my weight, comfortably I am usually around 180-185. Time to lose weight.

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