Keihin carburetor

Anyone ever used a R&D power bowl 2gen? Found a crack on my float bowl was gunna up grade.

If you need a new bowl, it may be cheaper than OEM. Do not expect any difference in performance though.

I use them all the time.

They do help with cavitation issues at partial throttle, and use a better apump method.

I agree with William that you should be able to find a used keihin bowl for half.

Thanks i also herd with a stock bowl an a diff leakjet I could have the carb running better then ever it's running good now just found a crack in it thought bout upgrading, so don't upgrade?

Leak jets are only needed/used on 250's. If you have a 450, you'll end up closing it off (so if you get a bowl with a LJ, take the brass jet out, solder it closed then screw it back in). Ditto for a bowl with an adjustable leak jet. Not utiulized on a 450.


Upgrade if you can get a blingy bowl for the same price as a regulalr bowl. Do not spend the money and expect any running difference.

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