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what way do the shift forks go in on a 1993 rmx250?

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i have tore down my transmission and i didnt know at the time that the shift forks are not  interchangeable and the manual dosent say what way they go in, so im screwed because it said if you dont put them in the right way it will lead to problems, does anyone by chance know what way they go in??  




so here are some questions i have


1.  there is a short shaft and a long one, i believe 2 shift forks go on the long shaft and 1 goes on the short, correct me if im wrong

2. what way, like what side...im really confused about how they work 




kinda a newb but have been successful so far cause i have a manual.



thanks in advanced!!! 


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i think i was a bit unclear about the shift forks and where they go


what i mean is, lets say i found the right shift fork that goes to the correct gear, and i installed it in, does it matter if its flipped (like if its upside down or rightside up so to speak) < that wouldnt matter, would it??



i was just going down there to see if i could figure it out a bit more, is there any easy way to figure out which shift fork goes on which gear?  cause i noticed there is a small shift fork that only goes on one gear and i assume it goes on that gear.  


and another thing, it also said on the shift drum, make sure the shift forks are in the right grooves, if i installed the shift forks correctly, would i clearly be able to see which groove they go in?  and does it matter what position the shift drum is in?  


any other tips i should know?

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