How often do you ride

Currently, I ride both trail and track. I'm considering going to doing just trail, and am wondering how often do you trail ride?

2-3 times a week.

Once a week, might skip this week after a nice high side I enjoyed last Sunday.

Once a week if I can, usually one on my every now and then which sucks but always feels worth it.

most everyday...well 5 out of 7 anyhow...


Track around the house.  It's my exersize. 

Dredding the snow so I can't ride and have to jog :(

3-6 times a week....

once a week,if my teachers don't give out to much math homework



3-4 times a month if I'm lucky. I wish I could ride more

Wow that's some serious riding. Every week is alot , but 3 to 6 times thats awesome. .

I try to get 2 rides a week, mostly close to where I live. What part of ID are you in.

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Wow that's some serious riding. Every week is alot , but 3 to 6 times thats awesome. .

I put on 65hrs over the last 2 months....pushing 270hrs on my 2012 500EXC alone which I have for a year...

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Maybe 2 times a month. We have to drive 2 hours to get to a riding area. I really wish we could go more. 

I ride or race Mx every weekend and practice during the week too.


I got my first bike in 03 and have missed 6 weeks with a broken femur, 3 sets of 3 weeks with broken collar bones and 2 hurricanes hampered riding for about a week each time.  Other than that it's own.

a lot



12 hrs a year at least

I've been riding twice a week from April till October here in Montana the last two years.  I sneak out 3 times a week once in a while, but not too often.  I've got about 40 rides this season so far.


I only ride single track trail.  Never tried the MX track.


If I didn't have to work I would definitely try to ride every other day!

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It varies a lot due to my schedule, but on average 3-4 times a week. 


I'm lucky since I just ride from my house, so there's no loading and driving to the trail.  Just give me two hours and I can knock out a great ride with many, many options. 


At 10,000ft the riding season is short, so I have to make the most of it while I can. 

Usually once our twice a week. Luckily I don't have to drive far for some awesome riding, sometimes I don't even have to drive at all. However, work has really limited my riding this summer, have to pay for the hobbies somehow. 

Been out five times this summer. Plan on more yet.

Work got in the way.

Then the other weeks didn't feel like riding. Lol

Every day. :banana:



Every day. I had over 200 hours on my 2013 crf. And I have over 30 on my 14 yz450 f. And I just got it. I have over 10,000 acres with hill climbs, huge puddles, and two MX tracks directly behind my house :ride:

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